Quality system

The Icelandic Patent Office is committed to providing good and competent services and therefore operates a certified quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. By employing an active quality management system, the Office seeks to meet the expectations and needs of customers and interested parties, as well as those of employees, through harmonization and improvements in the work of the Office.

A vital part of the standard is to communicate with customers and if possible, to adjust services to their needs. All processes are documented, in order for the employees to know what is expected of them and what their responsibilities are.

Director General is responsible for the quality management system and each Head of Division is responsible quality standards within their respective units. Quality Manager is responsible for the actual execution of the system. Director General meets the management team, approximately, once in a month to discuss the performance and development of the quality system.



iso_9001-2015.jpg, by rósa