It is vital that clear images accompany the application and that nothing other than what the protection is to apply to is contained in the pictures. The pictures shall clearly show the design in its entirety and from different viewpoints. The protection rests on what can be seen in the pictures. Both drawings and photographs may be used. A separate fee shall be paid for each picture beyond the first one.

  • Good quality pictures can prevent possible delays in the processing of applications.
  • Each picture may show the product from only one viewpoint. The pictures must be suitable for printing in black and white; photocopies of photographs are in most cases unusable. Good photocopies of drawings, however, are accepted.
  • When applying for protection of decorations, the image must show the decoration on the product in question.
  • If applying for registration for more than one design (product) in the same application (multiple registration), the images must be labelled with numbers, signifying which image belongs to which design.
  • The overall appearance of the product and all its principal characteristics must be clearly indicated.
  • The images shall show the final appearance of the product. Thus, working drawings (with dimensions) are not accepted. It is too late to submit a better picture after a design has been registered and a picture of it has appeared in the ELS Gazette.