International patent application

Iceland became party to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in 1995.

The Treaty provides for standardised rules for the member states as regards the processing of international patent applications, including preliminary examinations of novelty and patentability. The applicant only needs to submit one application, while the granting of patents, as before, is performed in each individual country and is subject to the rules of that country. The countries party to the Treaty, which includes all major industrial countries in the world, may be designated in the application.

Icelandic nationals, residents, commercial establishments and legal entities in Iceland can file an international patent application with the Icelandic Patent Office. Icelandic applicants can choose the Nordic Patent Institute (NPI), the Swedish Patent and Registration Office, or the European Patent Office (EPO) as the International Searching Authority for their application.

The WIPO website contains further information on the PCT patents procedure and an interface where applicants can, simply and easily, calculate the various time limits in the PCT patent procedure.

The forms and list of fees for international patent applications (PCT Applications) can be accessed by clicking on the links.

PCT application proceed in Iceland

If a PCT application is to be proceeded in Iceland, this must be done within 31 months from the priority date or the application date. The procedure is the same as for national applications, i.e. the forms and fees are the same and handling is similar.

The forms and list of fees PCT applications proceed in Iceland can be accessed through the link.