International Registration

The provisions of the international agreement, Geneva Act of the Hague Agreement from 2 July 1999 and the appropriate provisions of the Design Protection Act, apply to international design applications. Iceland has been a party to the Geneva Act since 2001. The Act entered into force with respect to Iceland on 1 April 2004. From that time, Icelandic legal entities or individuals residing in Iceland have been able to file applications for the international registration of design. Moreover, foreign designers have been able to have their designs protected here in Iceland from the same point in time through the international registration system.

The international registration system is easy to use. Only one application is submitted. This shall contain the number of designated member states, in one language (English), and one payment is made to WIPO.

Applications for international registration may be submitted to the Icelandic Patent Office or directly to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in Geneva. Applications must be in English, using a form that can be obtained from the website of the WIPO. Explanatory notes on the official application form DM/1.

Applications for international registration must state the countries in which registration is requested. Designs can be protected in all Geneva Act member states. No requirement is made for prior registration of a design in Iceland before applying for the international registration of design. The base fee for an international application depends on the number of countries in which registration is requested. A calculator for international registration of design is available here.