Applying for a registration of a design

An application for design protection shall be submitted or sent to the Icelandic Patent Office. The application form can be obtained from the Office's premises or printed from its website.

Application fees must be paid when applications are filed. The employees of the Icelandic Patent Office provide applicants with general information on the completion of applications.

It is safest to submit an application as soon as the design is fully formulated and before looking for investors or possible manufacturing partners. However an application may be submitted up to 12 months after a design was made available without this curtailing its novelty (see section on grace period). 

Applicants not residing in Iceland need to have an agent who is a resident in the EEA area.

If the applicant is not the designer, an assignment from the designer to the applicant must be attached.

Deferment of registration

Applicants may request for deferment of a registration up to 6 months from the application date or priority date where priority is claimed, if they are of the opinion that such deferment is to their advantage. Such a request means that images of the design are kept secret.

Effective term

Registered designs remain in effect for one or more five-year periods from the application date. Requests for renewal shall be sent to the Icelandic Patent Office three months before a registration period ends, at the earliest, and six months after it ends at the latest. Registrations may be renewed for five years at a time until a 25-year protective term has been achieved.


The Icelandic Patent Office classifies designs in accordance with the provisions of the Locarno Agreement on International Classification. The Locarno Agreement classification system may be viewed here.